What is the Stock Market: Full information about stock market in detail.


 Now, before knowing about the stock market, we know about share, what is the company’s share?

Suppose you have a company whose owner is you, that means you have 100% share of the company. Now if you give 50% of your company’s shares to another person, it means that the second Man has now become the 50% shareholder of the company. Thus the company shares.
Now many companies launch their IPO (IPO), that means Initial Public Offering. That is, the company tells its price of one share to the public. Now there are many people like you who buy shares of the company.

That is, we buy shares of the company, we become the shareholder of the company. This means that if the company has a profit or loss in Future (future), then we will be as many partners as possible.
Thus, in the market where the Registered Company shares are sold and bought, it is called the Stock Exchange Market. That is what we call Share Market.
In India, 2 Stock Exchange Market is a National Exchange Market (NSE) and the other is Bombay Exchange Market (BSE).
There are more than 1500 companies registered in the NSE i.e. you can buy and sell the shares of these companies.BSE has more than 5000 registered companies.

It means that if you have to buy shares of a company, then you have to use any one of the Stock Exchange Markets. There are many companies registered in these stock exchange markets whose shares are bought and sold.

We can not directly buy and sell Shares of any company by visiting the Share Market. Therefore, we need a Share Market Broker. One is such a company or a person who buys and sells stock in the Stock Exchange Market. Because we have to open a Demat account by going to them to buy and sell shares in the stock market. Also, there is a need for a trading account. We will try to give you this information in the next blog post.

Nowadays this is the work of the entire Stock Exchange Market online. You can invest in the Share Market at home. To open a Demat Account, you will need a broker or bank. For this you have a Saving Account, Pan Card, Address Proof Documents are important.

How Stock Market Works ?, And how to earn money from the stock market and Risks. ?

See which companies register in the Stock Exchange Market is seen as a record of all – how old is the company, the company’s profit, how much is the loan on the company, how much is Company Sales. Based on the Daily Stock Market Shares of different companies continue to cost more or less.

If the price of the company’s shares is getting very low, then it is called a recession in the market and if the price of shares is high then it is called Market Growth.

Now let me tell you how much money is earned by investing money in the Share Market.

Suppose that you have to invest 10000 rupees in the Share Market. For this, you have purchased 10 Share for the price of 1000 rupees per share of a company.

Now you buy the company’s stock at Rs.1000 per share, it is now that if the company’s growth is good then the price of the company’s shares in the stock exchange market increases.

As if you assumed that the company whose shares were bought in 1000 rupees per share, the shares of that company would be Rs 3000 per share after 2 months. So at this time, you can share your share with another person at the rate of 3000 rupees per share. It means that you have profits.

Because you bought 10 shares in 10000 and sold at 30000, i.e. a direct 20000 profit

But it is also inverted, sometimes the price of the company’s shares is halved, thereby causing loss to the investor.

Because of this, there are both Profit and Lose in the Share Market. This is why you should get full information about the company whose share you are buying. If you do not get further loss later on.

Thus, the shares of the company in the Share Market continue to buy and sell. Anyone – Profit to an investor and somebody else – the losses. Just like this, the Share Market continues.

The popular Share Market Investor, which is a popular Share Market Investor, is an Expert as they have gained experience, they know both the market’s slowdown and fastness to see beforehand and Money Invest in the right company.

What is the Stock Market 2

Summary – Share Market is a Stock Exchange Market Place in which stocks are bought and sold. If we buy shares at a lower price and sell them at costly prices, then we have profits. But if we buy shares at a higher price and we If we fail to sell it at an expensive price, then we lose.

If you also want to invest money in the Share Market, then you should have a lot of stock market knowledge. It is true that more money can be earned from the stock market but can be siphoned

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