Crypto Trading Full Strategies for beginners .


 Crypto Trading Strategies for beginners


Nearly 10 crore Indians possess cryptocurrency, according to a recent news story. During the holiday season, the number is likely to rise much more.

Crypto trading, like stock and commodity trading, comes with its own set of risks and drawbacks. Market participants must create tactics that make trading both interesting and safe to reap long-term gains from crypto trading. Let's start with a look at a few strategies that might help you achieve positive outcomes.



Day trading 

This trading method entails entering and quitting positions that same day. The goal of a trader using this strategy is to profit from intraday price fluctuations in a currency of their choice. Technical indicators are frequently used by investors to determine entry & exit points in certain cryptos to make a profitable transaction.


Range trading

Expert analysts who give daily support & upthrust are frequently relied upon by market players. The term 'resistance' refers to the maximum price that may be reached, so a level of resistance is a cost that is higher than the present price. 'Support,' on the other hand, is a level below which the price of a cryptocurrency is not intended to fall; hence, a support level will always be lower than the present price.



This trading method entails increasing trade volumes to make a profit. Despite the danger, a savvy trader pays attention to the margin requirement as well as other crucial guidelines to prevent having a terrible trading experience. Scalpers examine the crypto asset, historical patterns, and volume levels before deciding on an entrance and exit point in less than a day.


High-Frequency Trading

Quant traders use HFT, or high-frequency trading, and that is an analytical trading strategy. This entails the creation of algorithms & trading bots that aid in the speedy entry and departure of a crypto asset. The development of such bots demands a profound understanding of complex market concepts as well as a strong mathematical and computer scientific background. As a result, it is much more suited to experienced traders than newbies.


Dollar-Cost Averaging

DCA is a term that refers to spending a certain amount at regular intervals. This strategy enables investors to escape the time-consuming job of market timing while yet achieving long-term wealth. The DCA method, on either hand, may make exit planning harder. It necessitates a thorough examination of market trends as well as a grasp of the business cycle. Studying technical charts also can assist you in determining when to depart. Before making a decision, crypto investors should keep an eye on the oversold and overbought zones.


Create a well-balanced portfolio

Building a well-balanced cryptocurrency portfolio that includes Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum might help you fight volatility.

Furthermore, investors can invest a certain amount of money in various cryptos every month. This will methodically enhance your risk tolerance, allowing your portfolio to provide favorable long-term returns.


Make no trading decisions based on rumors.

One of the most common mistakes made by novice investors is relying on social networks for cryptocurrency news. The utilisation of social media buzz to make financial decisions is never a good idea. Because digital money is such a trendy issue, misleading information about it spreads rapidly.



Arbitrage is a trading method in which a trader purchases cryptocurrency in one marketplace and trades it in the other. The spread is the difference between both the purchase and sell prices. Traders may be able to book profit due to the differential in liquidity & trading volume. To take advantage of this opportunity, you'll need to register accounts on platforms that have a significant price differential for the cryptocurrency you're trading.


Investment plan for bitcoin


One well-known cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. To invest there, you must first learn about Bitcoin's technical analysis. After all, trading cryptocurrency without technical analysis is a risky guessing game!

To begin with technical analysis, you'll need a platform that offers dependable and advanced tools. For novices, here are two indications to start with:



MAW (Moving Average Weighted) is a metric that is used to determine the overall sentiment in the market. The price variations in the frequency of the short, mid, and long-term moving averages are examined. A moving average is computed by averaging the data points over a certain period.



The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is a 'momentum indicator.' It measures the pace and variation of price movements by comparing the number of recent increases to previous downturns. It fluctuates between one and one hundred. The prevailing consensus is that the RSI should be less than 30 for purchasing and greater than 70 for selling.


Williams Fractal

The ADX algorithm is used to create this momentum indicator. While ADX can help you get into micro, Williams Fractal is indeed a terrific indicator for getting a rapid macro perspective of momentum patterns.

This oscillating indicator depicts the strength of an asset's upward and downward price movement.


To summarize, Bitcoin trading is an interesting business in which many individuals want to participate. However, before you begin trading, you must first have a thorough understanding of the bitcoin market.


How to assess cryptocurrency as a potential investment?


Scammers have recognized the potential for profit in the cryptocurrency arena, and they've created certain tokens to steal people's money. Whether you're a novice wanting to enter the cryptocurrency market or an experienced investor, the tools listed here can help you analyze any coin.


The whitepaper for a token contains the team's goals for the project as well as the token's use scenarios. As a result, you'll be able to see if the goals you've set are feasible.

Even if you've identified reasonable objectives, double-check that they weren't plucked from the pages of some other project's whitepaper.

Following a thorough understanding of the project's offer, the next stage is to evaluate the team behind it. You should check to see whether your country's authorities have placed any limits on taking part in such offers.


Following credible persons in the crypto sector will be beneficial. It should be experienced persons with a thorough understanding of the ecology and the ability to provide appropriate recommendations. Following the initiative on numerous social media outlets is a smart idea. These channels will keep you up to speed with the most recent announcements.

It's all about the timing. It may be the last one on the list, but it is essential because the optimal time to invest can have a significant influence on your return on that investment. As a result, given the bear and bull markets, you must determine when is the best moment to buy cryptocurrencies.


How can cryptocurrency charts be analyzed?


Technical analysis helps investors discover market patterns and anticipate future price trends of an asset, therefore reading crypto charts is vital for traders to uncover the greatest chances in the market. 

Reading cryptocurrency market charts can assist investors in making well-informed selections about when positive and negative moves are expected to conclude.

A bullish movement is defined as an upward price action propelled by bulls, or purchasers of an asset. The bearish move is a downward motion driven by the asset's sellers, the bears.


Dow’s Theory

The Dow theory's first tenet is one of the technical analysis' key principles: the marketplace reflects all information available in asset prices and values such information accordingly.

According to Dow's thesis, markets go through three different types of trends. Primary trends are significant market shifts that might span months or years.

There are secondary trends inside these core trends that may act against the primary trend. Pullbacks during bull markets, when asset values momentarily return away, or rallies during bear markets, where values temporarily ascend before resuming their downward, are examples of secondary trends.

Also, there are tertiary trends, which often stay a week or a little longer and are sometimes dismissed as market noise that may be disregarded.


Every market trend will only be verified when both indices show that a new trend is beginning, according to the fourth tenet in Dow theory.

The fifth tenet in Dow theory states that if an asset's price is going the way of its major trend, the trading volume should grow, and if it is going against it, the trading volume should fall.

Lastly, the sixth tenet in Dow theory indicates that trend setbacks should be viewed with skepticism and care since main trend reversals can easily be mistaken with secondary trend reversals.


Candlestick Charts

Like line and bar graphs, crypto candlestick charts display time on the horizontal axis and private information on the vertical axis. The primary distinction is that candlesticks indicate whether the market's price action was favorable or unfavorable in a certain period, as well as to what extent.


A candlestick is made up of two parts: a body and a wick. The body of every candlestick indicates its starting and closing values, whereas the top wick reflects how high and how low the value of a cryptocurrency rose and fell over that time frame.

Similarly, candlesticks come in two colors: green and red. Green candles indicate that the price increased over the period under review, whilst red candles indicate that the price decreased.

Support & resistance levels, which may be defined with the help of trendlines, make reading real-time crypto candlestick charts easier. On a chart, trendlines are lines produced by connecting a sequence of prices.


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