What is brave browser? how you can earn BAT cryptocurrency from it ( 1000$ + /month)


● What is brave browser?


Brave is a free and open source web browser, web browser is developed by Brave Software, Inc.based on the chromium web browser. And web browser you can search anything ,your searched data is secure in Brave browser

you can simply put,the brave browser is 3x faster than Google  chrome browser. By blocking all privacy-invading ads and trackers by default,these less stuff to load on every single web page you visit. That means the pages load very faster , saving you time,and you can save you battery life ,this is a very fast safe and secure browser.


● This is very useful for all person

● This Brave browser you can use mobile and laptop.

● This browser is very fast and secure app

● This browser is very fast if you were search anything in this

you can saw vey easily


This is only one browser ,you provide very fast internet



After downloading the BRAVE Browser, turn on Brave Ads. You can Start earning BAT for watching ads and surfing the web.

Open the BRAVE Browser on your computer and click BAT Triangle Logo in the top right corner of the screen.


New user can earn 5 dollar worth of BAT BY INSTALLING and using browser for 30 days. In addition, you may also get random grants worth 25-30BAT every month. This is by far the easiest way to earn some crypto on the browser.


When a new user signs up for Brave creator, they are also provide a referral link.

Using this link to invite friends to download Brave, you can earn 1dollar to7.5$worth of BAT .

This is only one browser ,you provide very fast internet

Many reasons why Brave browser is Becoming popular?

1-- Faster Browsing experience


Google chrome is commonly to there system, resources, what especially in Google chrome if you have many things going on in your web browser. But only brave browser is provided offers a faster experience with focus on being more resources efficient.

Brave browser claims that it needs 33 percent less memory when compared to chrome browser and has a lower impact on your system battery life.but generally Brave browser manage to provide a faster experience.


2- Brave Browser Respects And Protect Your Privacy

Brave Browser is built from chromium which is the open source base of Google chrome. On this powerful base Browser adds it's Brave shield module which automatically blocks ads and trackers when you surf the web.


Brave browser was designed to mark the users, Privacy the core of its architecture. Thus, the few data collected by Brave Browser are anonymized .so there is no tracking of your activity. You will know that your personal data is not exposed to the site you visit and to Google in the case of Chrome.


With Brave browser, you are no, longer the product but a user who can enjoy the web without having to pay the price with its personal data.




Chrome is a properties project originally based on chromium (which is open source). But Brave is a completely open source web browser. So, anyone can inspect the source codes to verify the claims and asses the security of the browser if needed.


 There are other benefits of using an open source software as well as such as community involvement for adding features ,and a couple more.



There are several types of tracking technology used to track Internet users. Some tracking could help make the web more useful. But ,other trackers may end up collecting to much data out of your Browsing activity.



This is where Brave Browser swoops in to offer a built in Privacy protection features, where you can choose to block trackers.The features could also drop the need of looking for privacy focused chrome extensions.


Does Brave block ads within search results?


No.Brave browser dose not lay a finger on those, including the ubiquitous Google Ads advertisement within Google results .That not surprised .Ads blocking extension don't stymic search ads either.




Some browser don't have to worry about making money because they just a cog in a much larger machine. For example, Chrome ,Microsoft Edge , and Apple  Safari don't need to turn a profit because their parents organization values them for non-monetery reasons as well as their ability to produce revenue in some fashion.




According to Brave, the browser had more than 25 million monthly active user's (MAU). As of February. 2,2021 The company stressed than it had more than doubled it's MAU in the prior 12months.


Although that MAU sounds impressive , with the whole world online, 25 million is a drop of the bucket. Mozilla Firefox, a browser that computer world has long believed to be on the knife edge between survival and dissolutions ,reported a MAU of

Approximately 219 million around that same February timeline, or about nine times BRAVE.




Brave is built atop chromium the open source project Google and other maintain .

(Google users chromium to provide the source code for it Chrome browser)

Including the Blink rendering engine and the V8 JavaScript engine --also power Brave.


On iOS, Brave instead relies on WebKit. The open source foundation that also powers Apple Safari browser .WebKit required as the backbone of any third party browser submitted to Apples App Store.


Other browser that depend on chromium include Edge ,Opera , Vivaldi and Qijoo 360, one of the most popular Chinese made browser.

( in hindsight ,Eich decision to go with Chromium _rather than with Firefox Gecko rendering engine-- was smart , even though most expected Brave to lean Mozilla way, what with Eicho connection to the latter.)




Shield are one of the most important features in the BRAVE Browser .With Shield, the website fight malware and prevent tracking , thereby keeping your information safe and secure.


By Design most ,web Browsing ,including Google Chrome focus on the collection of cookies.these small pieces of  data get stored on your computer while Browsing a website can remember your past visit , including your Browsing history. In turn, you have a more personalized surfing experience where your favorite sites remember what you like your purchase history, and more. Companies ultimately use this information to clog your inbox with advertisement , good and bad , useful and not so useful.

Cookies are not just used by Amazon e bay, and Best buy whenever you visit their online stores. When using a search engine (hello , Google search) your movements are being collected and sold to advertisers , corporations , and other. This type of user collection is why you likely to see a television ads on YouTube soon after searching for new television.

This is very useful for search any websites.


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